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      Prudential Access to OEMs at Home and Abroad
      founded in 1989, Zhongshan Poinmark Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. is a professional floodlight company specializing in the production of lamps and lanterns. Now it mainly produces LED projection lamps. Strong technical force, advanced production equipment, complete varieties and specifications. Quality, price and honesty service market.
      The factory has more than 150 employees, including more than 10 R&D personnel and 3 engineers. Modern plant area is 3600 square meters. The introduction of new technology and equipment, computer network management, so that our product quality and production capacity have reached a new level.
      In order to adapt to the increasingly fierce global lighting market competition environment after China's entry into WTO. Fully undertake domestic and foreign OEM. Sincerely welcome domestic and foreign businessmen to cooperate with our factory in OEM production. Let's work together to create brilliance!
      Little knowledge of OEM
      OEM, also known as OEM and OEM production, was first popular in developed countries such as Europe. OEM is a large international company looking for their comparative advantages, which can reduce production costs and improve brand value.
      OEM (Ornigar Equipment Manufacturing Plant)
      ODM (Ornigal Deal Engult UrES) is the original designer and manufacturer.
      OBM (Orrigar Brand Manufacturing Factory) is the original brand manufacturer.
      Party A likes the products of Party B, so that the products produced by Party B have the trademark of Party A, and that of Party A is OEM.
      One side is attached technology and design, so that the B side processing, known as ODM;
      On the B side, it is responsible for producing and processing other people's products, and then affixing other people's trademarks, namely OBM.

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